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Falklands Veterans Foundation (FVF) Premium Coffee Blend#40
Help us to raise awareness of the suffering that’s still going on forty years later with the men, their families and the Falkland Islanders, whose lives have been affected through this war.
Help us, help them through buying our unique blends and amazing coffee to support us, as we will be donating to their cause.

On 2 April 1982, Argentinian forces invaded the British overseas territory of the Falkland Islands.

Argentina had claimed sovereignty over the islands for many years and their ruling military junta did not believe that Britain would attempt to regain the islands by force.

Despite the huge distance involved – the Falklands were 8,000 miles away in the South Atlantic – Britain, under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher, undertook the extraordinary feat of assembling and sending a task force of warships and rapidly refitted merchant ships to the Falklands.

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To find out more about the Falklands Island conflict, you can do so HERE

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