Cast your mind back to the summer when Sab Samuel, the drag queen who performs under the stage name Aida H Dee, toured libraries all over the UK reading stories to small children. The drag queen declared “love has no age” on his social media page and “love is love”.

Many people were against these “story hours” and perceived it as part of an agenda to groom children. Protests were held outside every event but Mr Samuel was heavily guarded by local police.

Questions were raised as to why he was being so well protected, ushered in and out through back doors and even driven to the next event by police. Who ordered such protection (all at the tax payer’s expense)?

Well it won’t surprise you to hear that the BBC now employ Mr Samuel as a digital content contributor on their BBC Sesh show.

This is the same BBC who covered up Jimmy Savile’s paedophilia for decades.
In his own words Mr Samuel says “after a lot of hard work someone noticed me”
Coincidence, or already a foregone conclusion? You decide

Voice of Wales previously ambushed Mr Samuels, you can find that video here.



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