We know that the government will find any excuses to levy more taxes; whether they be to “fight carbon emissions” with the clean air zones, the second homes tax, an increased tax for taxi services, or even the tourism tax. But does the government adhere to the rules of their own taxes that we are required to pay?

Well, the simple answer is no. A perfect example is where Drakeford classed his second home in Pembrokeshire as a chalet to avoid paying the second homes tax. Ironically, his chalet is probably bigger than the primary homes of 99% of the Welsh population.

Another perfect example is how the government avoided paying just under a quarter of a million in Land Transaction Tax to buy a farm to host Green Man.

Recently, the Welsh Government purchased a plot of land in Talybont, for use in the Green Man festival, which subsequently led to the Welsh Conservative leader, Andrew R T Davies, calling it out, saying more “clarity” is needed.

Mr Davies explained that their Crown Body exemption applied to this purchase means they are not required to pay the land transaction tax on this piece of land, which according to their LLT calculator would’ve saved them upwards of £232,000

Mr Davies further questioned why the Labour ministers in control of this purchase paid an extra million more than needed for the plot of land. Which effectively led many to speculate whether some sort of money laundering, bribery or embezzlement scheme was involved behind closed doors. Two years before the sale, a prospectus valued the farm at roughly £3,250,000, but the Labour ministers paid £4.25 million for it.

Green Man is a festival with events surrounding “independent music, science, and art”, which is annually held every mid-August, typically in an area within the Brecon Beacons.

This entire deal is shrouded in mystery and shadiness, and makes us question whether something else is going on.

Voice of Wales will keep investigating this and we’ll keep you updated along the way.


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