My Take on the Metropolitan Police Being Placed in Special Measures.

Recent news is that six UK-based police forces have been placed in special measures after an inspector found “substantial and persistent” concerns which are allegedly exacerbated by the number of “inexperienced recruits brought in as part of the national drive to replace thousands of officers cut during austerity measures.” Some of these concerns also stem from a damning report, published last March, which revealed that the force’s ability to tackling corruption was “fundamentally flawed.”

Iranian-Norwegian Terrorist Kills Two in Attacks on Gay Bar.

Another murderous attack on innocent people by one of the thousands of fanatics who moved to a Christian country but can’t integrate and accept Western modern-day culture, their 7th-century backward ideology commands them to continue the jihad and extend strict Sharia law all over the world to force non-believers to submit…but Western Politicians and the naïve public still pretend multiculturalism is working.. sadly there will be many more of these attacks.

Maggie Oliver, Whistle Blower and Former Detective, Issues Statement on Oldham Review Into Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse.

A report has been published this morning summarising the findings of an independent review of allegations of child sexual abuse and Oldham Council and Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) failure to properly investigate. Former GMP detective Maggie Oliver says: “Another day, yet another report about the failures of a police force to protect the most vulnerable in our society, even when there is irrefutable evidence to prosecute offenders and safeguard children.”

New Legal Precedent: Man Jailed for Sharing Meme.

Yesterday evening, James Watts, a 31-year-old police officer with West Mercia Police was sentenced to 20 weeks in jail after sharing memes “mocking” George Floyd – the drug addicted criminal who’d previously held a gun to a pregnant woman – who was accidentally killed by a police officer mid 2020.