Trafalgar Day!

Stan Says: Splice the mainbrace.
The Battle of Trafalgar took place on October 21, 1805, with the British ships taking on both the French and Spanish fleets off the Cape of Trafalgar.

It was our Navy’s most famous victory – and confirmed our reign on the seas.

The date also marks Lord Nelson’s death, as he was fatally injured in the battle.

During the battle, Nelson was shot by a Frenchman’s musket ball as he was on Victory’s quarterdeck.

He’s regarded as the greatest officer in the history of the Royal Navy with Trafalgar seen as his greatest victory.


Britain’s wealth, prosperity and status as a nation on the world stage still owe much to the courage and skill of the crews of the British ships and their great leader, Admiral Lord Nelson, that momentous day off Cape Trafalgar.


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