It's all in the reporting, or is it?

Stan Says: we have hope in the category of the under sixteens as they have had the audacity to shrug off the main stream media.

The MSM in their usual pathetic propaganda style of reporting complain of the lack of uptake of the jab in teens. I, for one am still extremely disgusted and angry, and rightly so, that 11% have supposedly received their first dose but fundamentally this is an absolute disaster for the regime and their propaganda machine.

The despicable creatures Javid and Zahawi are now threatening to withdraw teaching from kids who choose to remain jab free. Whilst I’m an avid supporter of home schooling, what the Cabal are saying will simply not happen and the coercion that’s being shown will be exposed as more people see the truth behind the lies they want to feed us.

The reason we know the jab rollout to kids is a complete disaster is that the media gives it ZERO coverage.

We thank everyone for their hard work, all the legal challenges, cease and desist notices, and yellow boards at roadsides that are seen on a daily basis. Most headmasters and schools have now washed their hands of it.

So whilst this is not a victory for us it’s very much a defeat for the regime.

Long Live The Resistance.

Join the resistance and support the cause, and our Merchandise may just be what you’re looking for.


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