Do the Tories think we’re stupid? Priti Patel was never interested in this Rwanda deal, she and the rest of the Tory party were only interested in making it look like they were doing something rather than revert to the values the Conservatives once held. They always knew this was going to happen.

Yesterday, protests took place over the first planned flight to Rwanda which was due to carry 130 economic migrants, though the number of economic migrants meant to be deported on the first charter is down to only a handful after an array of legal challenges. In fact, Care4Calais said on Monday morning that “11 of 31 migrants in a UK detention facility originally notified by the Home Office that they would be on the maiden Rwanda flight have since had their tickets cancelled.”

The Unions stated that officials should not take part in something that could soon see it decided that this new immigration policy is “illegal”.

Let’s refresh a second, to remove illegal immigrants (because economic migrants are not refugees making them illegals) from our own country is illegal but falsely taking refugee status isn’t? Even though it is, we’re not allowed to do anything about it due to “human right violations”, yet a couple of months ago everyone was fine with the lockdowns and health passports. Selective caring about our fundamental human rights is becoming quite old now. It seems we put every other citizen before our own in this country and people are getting tired of it.

The first deportation flight is scheduled to leave Tuesday and we’ve seen mass amounts of protests. The activists of cancel culture also promised to target the Spanish airline providing the aircraft, but what more can you expect from the party of “tolerance”?

Even though a High Court Judge ruled on Friday that the flight would not be halted as no formal decision as to the legality of this policy has yet been made, an appeal is to be heard next Monday.


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