A new bill has been started in the House of Lords under the “Human Rights” category. What do you think this Bill could be? Maybe a new act that fortifies our right to free speech? Or a Bill that is targeted at people who contribute to the FGM pandemic? Well… not exactly. This is a bill that establishes “the right to breathe clean air” and requires “the Secretary of State to achieve and maintain clean air in England and Wales; to involve the UK Health Security Agency in setting and reviewing pollutants and their limits; to enhance the powers, duties and functions of various agencies and authorities in relation to air pollution.” 

This ties in hand-in-hand with “Clean Air Zones”, of which you can still drive in… you just need to pay if your vehicle “does not meet emissions standards.”

All this comes, when us Humans are responsible for less than 1% of global carbon emissions. 

The Bill has successfully gone through the 1st and 2nd reading and currently is in the committee stage and will define what they class is an “appropriate” level of “carbon being emitted” from a vehicle. This is dangerous, as it may start off with these cars having to pay more to enter “clean air zones”, but eventually it could escalate to even more places, leading to the entire UK charging more for vehicles with “hire carbon emissions.” 


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