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Drakeford: My Chalet Isn’t a Second Home!

Welsh Government has decided to axe the number of second homes and apply new “premium” taxes. Well, Labour Welsh Minister, Mark Drakeford, is adamant that his second home in Pembrokeshire is not indeed a second home, elegantly describing it as a “chalet”.

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Socialism Incoming? Councils Will Soon Be “Cracking Down” On the Number of Second Homes Under New Plans From Welsh Government.

Socialism Incoming? Councils Will Soon Be “Cracking Down” On the Number of Second Homes Under New Plans From Welsh Government.

Earlier this month, plans were unveiled during a joint press conference between First Minister Mark Drakeford and Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price, where they announced they would be “cracking down” on the number of second homes. From this summer, three new housing classes will be introduced; main home, second home, and short-term holiday accommodation. Essentially, under these new rules Welsh-based Councils will be able to cap the amount of homes owned by one individual, citing this is to better regulate the pricing of the housing market.

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Stonewall: Groomers of the 21st Century.

Stonewall: Groomers of the 21st Century.

Stonewall, a charity that advocates for “transgender rights”, was recently involved in some major controversy after sharing an article, adding the following caption, “research suggests that children as young as 2 recognise their trans identity. Yet, many nurseries and schools teach a binary understanding or pre-assigned gender.”

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Voice Of Wales Exclusive with Anne Marie Waters

Message from Ann Marie Waters – Former Leader of For Britain: – I’ll be on Voice of Wales tonight at 7:15. I’ll make videos to keep people updated with my new work, but this will be my last interview for a long time.

No rehearsal, nothing planned, I’ll speak absolutely freely – only exceptions being I won’t attack or criticise individuals, nor will I breach confidences.

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85 Sweynsei, Swansea, or Abertawe, situated at the confluence of the river Tawe with the Severn sea, is a town of considerable commerce, and much frequented during the summer months as a bathing- place. The old castle, now made use of as a prison, is so surrounded by houses in the middle of the town, that a stranger might visit Swansea without knowing that such a building existed. The Welsh Chronicle informs us, that it was built by Henry de Beaumont, earl of Warwick, and that in the year 1113 it was attacked by Gruffydd ap Rhys, but without success. This castle became afterwards a part of the possessions of the see of St. David’s, and was rebuilt by bishop Gower. [The old castle is no longer used as a prison, but as the office of the “Cambria Daily Leader.” It is significant that Swansea is still known to Welshmen, as in the days of Giraldus, as “Abertawe.”]


Gerald of Wales, The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales (Oxford, Mississippi, 1997)