The National Police Chiefs Council response to child sexual abuse throughout the UK, they acknowledge they have made mistakes and that there is a room for improvement.

We’ve seen similar false promises uttered from their boss Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, about stopping illegal immigration into the UK. And it’s always hot air and no action.

We already knew that Police actions combating child sexual abuse have been as effective as a chocolate Tea pot, where thousands of young girls have been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, multiculturalism and racial sensitivity.

Over 40 years of Police inaction on Muslim Rape gangs, and 37 years of failure to arrest any person involved in female genital mutilation of babies and young girls.

The Police strategy has always been to hide the problem, label brave whistle-blowers as Racists, where in reality the problem for the vulnerable in our communities are the Senior Police officers who prioritise their careers over our children.


National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for Child Protection, Deputy Chief Constable Ian Critchley, said: 

“The protection of all children from exploitation is crucial. We know that some of our most vulnerable young people experience harm which has lifelong consequences and policing is committed to keeping our children safe, and protecting them from abuse in all its forms. 


“We acknowledge the valuable work of the Inquiry and welcome the spotlight on how children at risk of exploitation and who have been harmed by exploitation can be better safeguarded. We will reflect and act on the Inquiry’s findings and we accept the recommendations.


“We recognise that victims have been failed in the past. Policing has worked hard to learn from its mistakes, and the approach today to tackling child sexual exploitation and abuse has evolved, with many examples of innovative police work, positive outcomes for victims, and perpetrators brought to justice. However, we are not complacent, and we recognise there is still more to be done. The Report by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse provides an opportunity for policing and partners, to take that process of continuous improvement forward.


“Some of the issues raised within the Report have  already or are  in the process of being addressed. We know that gaps in data collection, for example, inhibit our ability to fully profile this type of criminality. Over the past year, a regional network of analysts has been established who capture data nationally, to form a rich picture of trends in child sexual exploitation and abuse. This analysis provides a  far more informed response at national and local level. However, we accept that there remain further steps to be taken in our data collection processes, to provide for example, a fuller profile of offender characteristics which will help to better target our resources, better prevent, and better protect. We are committed to continuing to enhance  this area of our work in future and will act robustly on the findings.


“Victims are at the centre of all we do and must never be made to feel that they are at fault for what has happened to them. We support the focus within the Report on the importance of using the right language in the right way – children who have been subject to exploitation are not “at risk” they have been “harmed”. The language we use, and the way we communicate with those who have experienced trauma is key and we have worked with policing colleagues across the country to ensure our response is always both caring and compassionate .


“Victims can be assured that when they take the hugely difficult decision to report to police, that they will be treated with empathy and respect. From there an impartial and proportionate investigation will follow. I urge anyone who has suffered in this most appalling way, wherever and whenever this was, to come forward if it is the right time for them.”


  1. The National Police Chiefs are a disgrace, all taking bribes, but be aware this new leveling up by Boris, is a cover, adding mayor’s to ever town, who do you thinks going to be applying. Think London, then scatter UK wide.

    Then do you think grooming gangs will be investigated?

    • Side?


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