Let me get this straight, the Government has hundreds of millions of pounds to house illegal migrants, tens of thousands of pounds to fund pride parades, etc. Yet schools are claiming they are entirely under funded and some schools are even considering three or four day weeks to save money during autumn. 

The schools in question claim that soaring energy bills, teacher pay rises and inflation is to blame.

To clarify, this is a new proposition being debated among teachers in England, however, if you saw what happened during the ‘pandemic’, then you would realise that if England implements a new policy like this, Wales wont be far behind.

The headmaster of Southend High School for Boys in Essex, Dr Robin Bevan, told The Telegraph that “if a four-day week is not already being planned, it will certainly be being considered” by some schools. 

The government has actually warned schools against closing, with the Department for Education saying schools must provide a full working week within the current budgets.

School budgets in England are due to rise by 7% per pupil this year as part of a “long-term funding settlement”. A spokesperson stated: “to support schools, budgets will rise by £7 billion by 2024-25 – including £4 billion in the current financial year alone”. In defense of the schools, how much is this extra £7 billion going to be worth by then? Will we still be in a recession? Or just coming out of one?

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  1. It’s a joke
    We need to stop the amount of people coming into the country


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