Stan Says, “The United Kingdom No Longer Has Blasphemy Laws.”

It’s like we’ve substituted them in favour of Shariah Laws instead because the company Cineworld has kowtowed to Islamic extremists and pulled a movie about the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad following outrageous and unjustified intimidating protests across the country.

The film depicting the daughter of Muhammad, Fatima was pulled following a wave of protests and accusations of “blasphemy.” ‘The Lady of Heaven’ was cancelled by Cineworld just four days after its release. A Cineworld spokesman said in a statement, “the film, described by critics as an ‘epic historical drama’ depicts the story of Fatima”.

The direct portrayal of non-secular figures is strictly forbidden in Islam. The creators of the movie tried to avoid the difficulty by portraying Fatima as a faceless character, shrouded in a black veil, however, even this failed to spare them from protests by exclusively outraged men! Multiple cinemas across the United Kingdom have been picketed by angry Muslims, who accused the cinema company of ‘blasphemy’.

Opposition to the movie has been supported by some Mullahs in Bolton. Chairman of the Council of Mosques, Asif Patel, penned a letter to Cineworld branding the film “blasphemous” and “sectarian.” “You are well aware of the attention given to the recently released film ‘Lady of Heaven’ which has caused much distress to Muslims across the world,” he stated. “It is underpinned with a sectarian ideology and is blasphemous in nature to the Muslim community.”

The creators of the movie, however, have rejected this out of hand, insisting that those protesting the film were radicals and hard-line Islamists. The producer of the movie, Malik Shlibak, has branded the chain’s decision take off screening the film “unacceptable” and blamed Cineworld for “bowing all the way down to radical extremists.”

I note from watching multiple video clips an absence of Police! Do they now take orders from the Muslim Council of Great Britain?


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