There will be no tears shed by Voice Of Wales about The end of the BLM group in Swansea.

We stand firmly against all forms of Racism, Supremacists and Extremists. The BLM movement originated in America as another Black Power movement and was involved in violent protests and riots all over that country and the UK.

Many naïve people and young malleable students prefer to believe the flowery description of BLM provided to them by online sources such as left-wing media, Wikipedia and their University lecturer. In reality BLM hierarchy and goals are more similar to the Black Panther extremists.

The real goals of the Marxist BLM in the UK was to cause division, to wipe out British history from record, defund the Police and cause anarchy, destroy capitalism taking down the UK economy and NHS in the process. We are also curious as to what happened to all the money raised by the anti capitalist BLM? One of their leaders in America has recently moved into a very posh house worth millions.

There are also the questions around the missing $60 Million! $60 Million of the $90 Million raised by BLM National org 2020 remains undistributed and unaccounted for and the organisation now has no official leader. If there is truth in allegations that Police were concerned about BLM activities and tried to infiltrate their group they may have had good reason to do so. Here is the Guardian article on this.

Swansea Black Lives Matter, part of their downfall could have been their actions towards Anna at Cinema & Co. When Voice Of Wales attended Cinema and Co to cover the story, Black Lives Matter Swansea publicly turned on Anna and her Staff on Social Media calling on them to denounce Voice Of Wales as the Far Right and that we were not welcome. They arranged protests outside the cinema until Anna did this but the support for Anna was so strong, these protests never happened. We went down on the “protest” night.

Another BLM Swansea flop was when they tried to take on Swansea University Feminist Society for daring to share a video which explained human biology. This led to BLM Swansea reverting to usual tactics, Online attacks and calling for the University to take action on the group. This again led to a public backlash on BLM Swansea.. Voice Of Wales offered to hold a public debate between Swansea Uni Feminist Society and BLM Swansea but BLM Swansea made no further comment. Voice Of Wales attended the University and you can watch the footage here. 

Are we seeing an end to this cancel culture that has been so strong over the last 10 years with the general public finally pushing back? The tactics used by these far left extreme organisations are always the same, Cancel, Cancel, Cancel. In a free society, open and honest debate is essential and this news is a small win for freedom of speech.

We believe that All Lives Matter, regardless of skin colour, we prefer to support Danny Roscoe and his group Black and White Unite, together we are far stronger.


  1. Well explained article. It is tragic that so many want to cause division.

  2. Brilliant article and a well rounded reporting on this.

    I actually had to report BLM for harassment as their supporters had turned my life into a what I can only describe as a nightmare. Lowri made things public on twitter for me. I have also recently had several emails of complaints to organisations Inwork for.

    Their hatred knew no bounds and real people were hurt and wounded by their actions .

    I am thankful to see them go . I understand they were misled but going wrong and attempting to destroy the lives of others is appalling behaviour

    As for what they did to Anna Redfern, I hope one day they realise how much stress they caused for her and in a difficult time.

    Let’s hope their trolling ceases as individuals also.


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