Upcoming 2022 Elections

With council elections due on the 5th of May 2022 people will choose which political parties to vote for. Whilst these are local authority and community council elections with candidates putting forward policies on local issues, it’s important to be aware of the bigger picture. The main national structure for all parties rely on support from the councils, grass roots and networks.

Socialists: Labour, Plaid Cymru, Liberal Democrats, the Green Party – these are all forms of socialism but with slightly different agendas. The Socialist parties will all agree on the following points:

1. Ignore the lawful Brexit Referendum and re-join the EU to become a submissive Province ruled from Brussels.

2. Support Open Borders to the detriment of Welsh culture, support uncontrolled immigration and continue to flood Wales with thousands of economic migrants, many from third world countries with no intention to integrate or obey British laws.

3. Support brainwashing on woke issues – Diversity, Political Correctness, Cancel Culture as well as a determination to destroy any record of our proud British history.

4. Support the introduction of policies to sexualise children from age of only 3 years, to slowly normalise paedophilia, to destroy family values and replace them with divisive and confusing transgender values.

The Socialists are well funded and organised. They have created and use third party organisations such as ‘Stand up to Racism’, ‘Hope not Hate’, ‘Momentum’, ‘Far Right Watch’ and ‘Antifa’ to spread their propaganda to neutralise opponents through intimidation and lies.

We have all experienced life under the Socialists, they have controlled the Senedd/Assembly since power was devolved to Wales in 1999. Today we can see the result, failures in all areas they exercise control over, millions of pounds wasted and continued poverty in Wales.

There used to be an alternative party (although never popular with Welsh voters) ‘the Conservatives’. But since David Cameron became Prime Minister in 2010 they have swung drastically from centre right to become another centre left Liberal/ Green Party.

The Tories are the same party in name only, in that most candidates still come from posh, privileged backgrounds and still hold views of entitlement. The new Tories no longer stand as protectors of our borders, culture and economy; they now try to gain votes from the centre left voters by promoting fashionable but destructive green energy policies, the policies which have made the UK reliant on importing gas and coal from other countries. They have continually promised to reduce immigration into the UK but failed miserably.

They introduced a policy in 2010 to sack 20,000 police officers causing huge problems and crime to increase. At the national election in 2019 they were forced to urgently reverse their policy and to recruit 20,000 replacements in an effort to correct their huge error.

The new Conservatives now link themselves closely to left wing policies in an attempt to gain votes and no longer offer an alternative.

Whilst the above old political parties only offer policies to destroy our country and stand to gain more financially and more power, there’s a bigger problem to overcome.

Those who enable them are the apathetic or naïve voters who blindly mirror the votes of their grand parents, the person who can’t be bothered to do their research or ask questions, who states ‘I don’t do politics’ but we repeatedly witness how Politics affects them regardless. Low turn outs at elections will ensure nothing changes in our country as we continue to live in socialist dominated Wales. Thousands have sacrificed their lives to make the UK a free democratic country with the right to vote – it’s important to appreciate their sacrifice.

Who can we vote for?
Are there any alternatives?

Hopefully, we will see many independent candidates or candidates from new political parties emerging and standing in the May 2022 elections.

We look forward to reporting on their policies

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  1. ….and how did UKIP do in the Senedd election last year Steve….!? Wales booted out the far right !

  2. Will the day ever come when an alternative party takes control and helps to make Wales proud?

    • Who do you have in mind Gill…? Ukip / Abolish….Reform.?!?.no one hardly voted for them. It’s an embarrassment. A collection of 🤡!


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