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The definition of a Journalist: a person who writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast.

It appears the latest attack on V.o.W is the notion ‘You have to be accredited’ to be a Journalist… REALLY? That isn’t what the dictionary definition says.

It appears they will use any excuse in an attempt to discredit Voice of Wales as a free thinking independent media organisation.

In 2020, any notion that Britain had an independent Press needs to read the last section on the News Media Association transcribed below.


The coronavirus pandemic cast a spotlight on the vital importance of trusted news and information produced by news media publishers, with audiences for local and national journalism rising sharply, amidst repeated national lockdowns and restrictions.

Facing unprecedented declines in revenue caused by the economic slowdown, the industry responded with powerful campaigns to support key workers, boost business, encourage vaccine take-up, and get vital PPE to those who need it.

The NMA supported this work in various ways including a major government advertising campaign worth over £50m to local, regional and national news media titles in 2020, securing key worker status for journalists, persuading Government to bring forward zero VAT rating for e-publications, as well as protecting the industry’s vital routes to market.

Other significant developments included the Government committing to set up a new Digital Markets Unit to regulate the tech giants, following years of NMA and industry lobbying, and Ministers committing to exempt news media content from the new online harms regime.

The Whole Media ARE BOUGHT & PAID FOR.

History of British Newspapers



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