Divide and Conquer

Joining the Police used to mean joining an Organisation with an integrated, very close knit, team culture.

There was no distinction between skin colour, religion, gender or sexual preferences. It was the best person suited for the role. All focused on the same goals of preventing and detecting crime, morale was generally high.

There were always bad apples, but they could be identified and dealt with. However today’s Police service is very different, they are dominated by policies set by left wing/ Liberal Politicians, senior Police officers will only be rewarded for their compliance.

The Establishment have now deliberately mirrored the division they have created amongst our communities, they divide the Police into categories, by gender, skin colour, sexual preferences, or religion. They show favouritism with positive action towards minority groups, causing resentment to others in the non favoured groups. They have destroyed the trust that used to exist amongst teams, they encourage whistle-blowers to phone specific telephone numbers to pass information about their colleagues who display lack of Wokeness.

Morale within the Police is plummeting. Promotion is biased towards the candidates with a proven history of dedication to diversity and blind obedience. Rather than recruiting suitable persons eager to investigate crime, there is now an insistence on recruiting University graduates, management calculate the new recruits will be very ambitious to climb the promotion ladder, therefore easier to influence and control. Meanwhile public dissatisfaction with the Police increases, the quality of crime investigations decreases.

The Politicians are intent on dividing British culture and Organisations, they prefer to sow the seeds of Division amongst all Communities and use Policies and new legislation to achieve their goals. ….divide and conquer, its sad to see the destruction of what was at one time the most respected Police service in the world.

A number of support organisations exist to ensure our police forces are representative of communities. Find out how they promote diversity and inclusion.



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