Charged over an incident that occurred in 1974

Stan Says: yesterday the trial of an 80 year old British Army Veteran continued in Northern Ireland in a system with no Jury!

Mr Hutchings is an HM Forces veteran who today was charged for murder and GBH, dating back to an incident in 1974, when he was serving in Northern Ireland.

He’s an elderly man who’s been through several investigations and inquiries and none of which resulted prosecution.

Boris Johnson promised to protect our veterans but, as he has on just about every other issue, subsequently reneged on that promise.

If a British Government cannot stand by their soldiers who they sent into battle – we are doomed. Who will be brave enough to enlist knowing that IRA Terrorists on the one hand are ‘Pardoned’ for there heinous crimes, and soldiers carrying out orders face prosecution if not prosecuted!

The Alliance for Democracy and Freedom Party oppose this inequity and believe it is time to tell those who will not stop scratching the sore that it is time to move on, and I have to agree. 

What are your thoughts?

Voice of Wales


  1. Betrayed by government! Thrown to the wolves! Boris Johnson won’t stop it because of his brexit deal with the Republic!

  2. How can there be any faith in the Military Covenant if the Westminster Government is willing to betray the very soldiers it has sent to serve on behalf of the nation ?

    The continued hounding of an aged Veteran over aspects of his active service, when he was adhering to ‘rules of engagement’ is completely wrong and merely a political expedience designed to appease former terrorists. It is time to call “case dismissed” and leave Mr Hutchings in peace.

  3. What they are doing to this veteran is absolutely disgraceful SHAME on the so called Government No veteran no solider deserters that treatment

  4. Absolutely disgraceful, served his country and gets accused of doing his job. Boris is all talk and no action.

  5. A good article on such a disgusting situation! Boris is absolutely full of it and was only saying it to buy time!


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