I was right, this is what Wales is going to become”!

Cast your mind back to the famous BBC hit piece on the Voice Of Wales. If you remember, the point they used to label Dan a “Racist” and “A threat to modern Day Wales” was when he was walking past the Arts council of Wales and talking about how Wales is now a nation of sanctuary. Whist walking past the building, Dan noticed the windows were full of ‘famous’, non Welsh members of the ‘BAME’ community and said “Ahhh, Because we all know, that’s what Wales is going to become”. And he was right. Here is the full video for those who haven’t seen it.

Well, in light of the opportunity to import more voters, Mark Drakeford published this Tweet confirming his desire to have Wales a nation of sanctuary.

Drakeford’s Tweet

Here is the link 

What’s really important to remember here is the Welsh Government has self declared Wales a nation of sanctuary. This has been done with no public consultation, no vote, nor was anyone elected on a manifesto to do so. Voice Of Wales has been warning about this for a long time and with homelessness at an all time high, the economy at an all time low and no chance for young people to get on the property ladder, Voice of Wales believes no matter what the situation of the “asylum seekers”, becoming a nation of sanctuary simply isn’t something we can support as a nation. As expected, this announcement hasn’t gone down well with the Welsh people. Here are just some screen grabs from Twitter.


“From living in Swansea and Swansea being a City of Sanctuary for the last 10 years, we, along with anyone else with eyes will have seen the rapid decline of the City of Sanctuary. Other than the Turkish barbers, Kebab shops, Shisha Bars and car washes, everything else is crumbling. Wales is sleepwalking into communism and very shortly, we will arrive. It’s VITAL that people fight for their democracy and demand that Wales becoming a nation of sanctuary is a decision made by the people of Wales. We will be publishing a petition shortly.”

Other things that have slipped through the back door include things like these foreign nationals will also be able to vote in Welsh Elections so will 16yr olds and also parents have lost the right to opt their children out of mandatory comprehensive Sexual education, this will be taught in schools from the age 4 and above and as your child now has sexual rights from birth, if you complain you will be “Denying your child a right to an education”.

More on Communist Woke Wales Soon!


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