You may recall an article from yesterday, of which I explained that in a time of economic crisis, the UK Governments Chief Financial Minister, Nadhim Zahawi, has decided to go on holiday, well it turns out, before leaving he wrote a letter to International Trade Secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, to inform her that the UK Treasury is backing a request from the UKEF (UK Export Finance). The request involved asking for a £2.3 billion military contract between the two nations.

This comes as the UK government is hell bent on virtue signaling over the war in Ukraine, after consciously ignoring the large amount of countries we’ve been bombing for the past 20 years. The government has stated they believe it is important that UK companies assist and help Ukraine “rebuild”. The letter was also sent to Downing street, of which, Zahawi explained that it is “essential that we continue supporting the government of Ukraine in any way we can.” Whether the UK government will start bettering the lack of support (financial and otherwise) to vets is yet to be announced, but yes let’s give billions of pounds to Ukraine.



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