With the news of the the Senedd new list of banned words, Dan and Stan popped along to the Welsh Assembly to discuss this.


  1. Better research next time lads. 2 things
    1. You are stood outside the Welsh Parliament…not the Welsh Assembly
    2. You’re also in the wrong location in Cardiff. WG have implemented these guidelines, not the WP.

    • 6 minutes into the video they specifically address that issue and why they refer to it as an assembly rather than a parliament. As you say – good to do a bit of research before commenting.

  2. Welsh assembly, Welsh parliament, who cares? All I know is that it’s cesspool of wokery and left wing tossers!
    Thank fuck there ain’t a war on at the moment, if there were that lot in that building would pull their pants down and present themselves in an orderly fashion.


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