Live segment from James’ Student Night Show on the 14/09/22. Voice of Wales are LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday at 1915bst and every Wednesday at 1800bst.

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  1. Only silly americans mix politics with everything. Here in the UK, most of those who discerned the C19 fraud know that this fraud doesn’t belong to the right or left… that’s a distraction created by the media to divide people and to perpetuate the fraud of politics and ‘elections’. Already in 1934 Lloyd George stated that “Great Britain was a slave under the international financial powers”, aka, the jewish bankers. Clement Atlee also stated that ‘there is another power in Westminster… a power that controlled the government. And what about 1920 Winston Churchill’s article in the Illustrated Sunday Herald, “Zionism versus Bolshevism” …
    READ IT!!!!


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