Being 18, and fresh out of school, one thing I distinctly remember is that we were never taught about our constitution, leaving many young adults to be clueless when it comes to their rights.

Many are unaware that the American constitution was based on ours, though it was different in the sense that ours is uncodified, meaning it was spread among many different documents, like the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights. Whereas the extremely well-known American Constitution was all written on one document, and was written in the form of amendments, for example; the first amendment referred to free speech, and the second; the right to bear arms. The New Zealand constitution is also uncodified.

It has become apparent that our constitution in the UK is no longer adhered to but was instead replaced with woke and weak legislation such as the Human Rights Act and the Equality Act. The reason I referred to these as weak, is because they portray a false illusion of our sovereign and God-given rights, since the government has always been able to put these aside for reasons such as public health or for national security.

If we allow the government to break the law and to violate our rights because of an emergency, there’s nothing stopping them from creating an emergency to break the law. Therefore the constitution was created, as a form of “checks and balances”; to balance the power between the governed and the government. Especially over the last few years, where it looks like people have forgotten this, and that it’s not uncommon for powerful people within the government to seek more power, but millions remain ignorant in the sense that “the government will never do that” and people who suggest otherwise are just “conspiracy theorists”, it’s like the past 80 years in regard to Nazi Germany, never even happened.

The reason I’ve outlined the above , is because while everyone has been distracted with the Russia-Ukraine Drama and the relaxation of our ability to go to a nightclub, or venue unvaccinated, the government has announced a proposal to completely overhaul the human rights act, with the planned changes paving a path for a dictatorship. 

Allow me to explain some of the extremely worrying changes set out in the government proposal;

  1. Permission for Human Rights Abuse Cases to be heard: any case involving human rights, will now need permission from the government for it to be heard in court. So, if your case is against the government for Human Rights breaches, you will now need permission for this to be heard from the people the case is against.
  2. Greater Good: Before the changes, they had to think of an excuse to violate your rights like “it’s a pandemic”, well now they can simply because it’s for the “greater good”, which is highly subjective. In Communist China, if you criticise the CCP, then they will arrest you. Well soon, they’ll be able to do the same in the UK. Why? Well because of “dangerous misinformation.” Which is again decided by the government and the powerful lobbyists behind closed doors who may or may not be pulling their strings.
  3. Right to have rights: The courts are now to decide whether you have the right to have rights. In other words, you no longer have any rights whatsoever unless the courts rule, you’re allowed such rights. This is communism 101 and removes the extremely important rule of due process. 

The new system can lead us down the devastating path of a social credit system, where if you don’t enough points then you don’t “deserve” rights.

4. No point in judges: The new amendments will strip the right of the judges to interpret legislation and will instead give the government the right to explicit guidance. Separation of powers keeps the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government separate, however, these new changes are alarming as it begins to merge, which is usually the first sign of an upcoming dictatorship as it  enables the government to become the judge, jury, and executioner.

5. Reduced responsibility: The changes will reduce the public obligations of public bodies. 

There are many more alarming changes proposed to reform the Human Rights Act. These are just a few. If this reform manages to get through Parliament, then it will mean that the last of your rights have gone.


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