Here we have the story so far on FGM (female genital mutilation) in Wales.
Voice of Wales have been investigation this for quite a while and we have still seen no evidence of any prosecutions despite asking ALL relevant agencies.

We are still awaiting a lot of information and we are constantly asking the questions.
What we know for sure is that the Welsh Government have a lot to answer for here!


  1. Really good interview

    • The First Minister, most of his cabinet – the Wales Child Commisioner, All four Police & Crime Commissioner and Police Forces are ALL passing the book.

  2. “British people need your help” says it all fantatsic interview and topic

  3. Invite the Muslim third world in, eventually we will become the Muslim third world. A few decades left, time is running out for the indigenous people of these isles to wake up and do something about this and I’m not even talking about 2030, which is another threat we face.

    • I assume Gary you’re not working in Admin? Just guessing as the quality of your English may not be up to an acceptable standard. Just asking!

  4. What was Stan’s job title in NHS butt..? Out of interest? Me sister is working in NHS now in the Morriston now like.

    Did I tell you I got extra shifts at poundland Dan? I can put good word in if you fancy work butt. I know it’s hard with your reporting innit
    Cheers butt

    • I was an 8A in the NHS which isn’t bottom of the shit heap despite extra funding from England. Perhaps it was you charismatic Health Secretary whose only qualification was he was black!

      Perhaps that’s why Wales NHS was failing – ah well DRAKEFORD the inbociele has moved him to economic matters. Perhaps he can drive that into the Bristol Channel as well.

  5. its as bad as the grooming scandal and being covered up just the same, shame on the Welsh assembly, all of them, there is nobody challenging anyone in that disgusting place, we cannot/will not forgive or forget

  6. Now is the time for all good men to come to the side of their country!!!<


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